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Minoutoutou is a local pet-sitting and dog-walking company coming to your place to serve you since 2007. Minoutoutou is recognised by the vets of the region and covers the Riviera Vaudoise region; Vevey, Montreux, Châtel-St-Denis, Villeneuve, Blonay, etc.


We are professionals who enable you to leave for holiday or stay at work during lunch break without any worries.

Emilie, FRC-MEC graduated, comes to your place to take care of your pet:

- Cat-sitting, dog-sitting

- Home care

- Dog-walking

- Medical care

- Claw trimming

- Dog education courses

- Transport of your pet to the vet, grooming, etc.


Contact us via email or téléphone, Emilie will be delighted to give you more details and schedule a visit.